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A quick learner and pioneer user of the internet, Isaac saw a huge gap between the graphic design industry that he’d been working in for 3 years and the established programs for learning within the Universities' education system. This revived his entrepreneurial ambition. He strategically left school and taught himself, utilizing the internet to get ahead of the industry standard nationwide. Aware of his accelerated skill and the boom about to explode in multimedia via the internet, Horton found a business partner and co founded New Image Technologies, a San Luis Obispo technology company. The company positioned itself with a project that provided prominent placement and created an immediate buzz in the county. Their niche, ‘quality product for a quality price’. In 3 years New Image Technologies, Inc. became the technology partner of over 100 relieved San Luis Obispo County businesses, many of whom were consistently burned by previously hired technology companies. New Image Technologies was profitable from day one. There wasn't a single month where they didn’t make a profit. After a year the company’s profit margin was 30%, 3 years in it was 50%.

After this rapid lesson in the most innovative industry of our time, today Isaac is ready to move into the next phase of his business life. He intends for his next venture to at once integrate his melody of experience, restore the ‘sauce’, and invest in the community long term. This venture is where this veteran entrepreneur’s vision is realized. Horton’s vision – a venue that serves an under served San Luis Obispo market, an experience for people to enter and leave the world as they know it behind, a sacred space for art, expression and community evolution, a hallowed ground. His vision, "Hallowed Ground", performance space and concert venue.